Tramping down dusty roads

June 10, 2008

When I was young I was a bit more adventurous that I am now. Specifically, i was much more excited to go explore new places in woodland areas.  One big adventure happened when I was about 14.  I lived in a rural estate that failed when the oil boom went bust in the early 1980s in Alberta. 

For many people in the area it meant they were selling homes which were mortgaged to the hilt for about a buck.  They were crumbling under the weight of a recession and it took my family with it.  My father being a real estate agent found it a rough time. 

However that is not the point of the story.  What was supposed to be an area of 60 to 100 homes situated 20 minutes from the city became a small sign on the side of the highway with about 20 families and not a great deal to show for it. 

So what does this have to do specifically with my adventure?
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